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The choice for Republicans this year is both basic and important: Do we go back to the failed five-year experiment of no jobs and a state government that can’t pay its bills? Or do we build on the solid economic foundation that the legislature put in place this past summer?

To me, and to many of the people I meet with as I travel the state, the choice is clear: we need to go all-in on correcting the problems of the past and making Kansas the best it can be.

I am running for governor to implement a common-sense agenda that people around that state have helped me develop and that all Kansans can support and benefit from. I call this our #OneKansas agenda.

First and foremost, we need to grow our economy. To provide more and better jobs for our families and our children. You can see details on our #OneKansas economic program here.

Next, we need to provide every child with a good education. As a former school board president I believe that means funding decisions made by parents and educators in the classroom, not the courts. Go here to see specific steps for making this #OneKansas education agenda happen.

Citizens across the state should have better access to healthcare. As Washington moves to replace Obamacare, individual states will play a key role. I have spent the past 35 years practicing medicine, getting up every morning to diagnose and treat patients. You can learn more about a #OneKansas health care agenda here.

From Atchison to Pittsburg, Garden City to Goodland, Kansas has tremendous potential. I believe we can achieve that potential in a way that is true to our traditional Kansas values of hard work, supporting our neighbors, and paying our bills. This is the Kansas way to a better future for our children and grandchildren.

I look forward to seeing and talking with you in the weeks and months ahead.

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