On the Issues


Jim and Rosie believe economic development comes from the ground up and doesn’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to the economy. His economic plan has 4 main pillars:

  1. Get the basics right. The state is finally on track towards getting its fiscal house in order. Progress must be made in a variety of areas, including workforce development, infrastructure repair, education, healthcare and overall quality of life.
  2. A regional approach to economic development that recognizes local control and input, especially in industry. What is needed in Garden City may not be needed in Olathe.
  3. Identify and support high potential, high performing industries. Healthcare technology is one of the nation’s fastest growing industry sectors. We have components of it here in Kansas. As governor and Lt governor, Jim and Rosie’s job’s will be to make Kansas as supportive of these industries as possible.
  4. Enterprising Academics. Jim and Rosie want to support and enhance an educational system and a business system that work in partnership to provide the skills our workers need to succeed and the knowledge our businesses need to compete. He looks forward to supporting and enhancing initiatives that bring education and business together for the success of all Kansans.


Jim and Rosie’s ABCs of Education Excellence in Kansas:

A – Advancing Childhood Education

As governor and Lt. governor, Jim and Rosie will make improving childhood development programs a statewide effort because doing so will improve early childhood achievement and break the cycle of generational dependence on welfare and other programs. Other benefits of improving childhood educational programs are reducing addiction, mental health issues, and other problems that stem from adverse early childhood events.

B – Be out of Court

For the past 12 years, education funding decisions have been stuck in court. Jim and Rosie believe we cannot make the necessary changes we need in education if we are constantly arguing in front of a judge. Jim and Rosie will work to bring people together to develop new educational standards that are pertinent to Kansas and measurable. Kansas children need a 21st century solution for success in the classroom.

C – Careers

Jim and Rosie believes in the importance of developing our Kansas workforce. He wants to bring Kansas’ workforce up to date with industry needs. He supports community colleges and technical colleges and doesn’t think traditional college is the only pathway towards a good career. Jim and Rosie want to start technical skills training, like coding, at the K-12 level so Kansans are prepared to become leaders in the workforce.

Guns/2nd Amendment

Jim and Rosie support the 2nd Amendment, but believes that some measures should be taken to decrease gun violence including the following:

  1. Restore the behavioral healthcare system
  2. Fund school security


As a practicing physician for 35 years, Jim understands the importance of healthcare for ensuring quality of life. Jim wants to make sure rural hospitals stay open and that all Kansans have access to quality healthcare.

To ensure this, Jim wants to do the following things:

  1. Control costs, for both individuals and the overall system
  2. Stabilize and bring more competition to the healthcare marketplace
  3. Create more choice for consumers and more flexibility for individual states to experiment with news ways of providing care
  4. Protect the less fortunate, especially those dealing with mental illness, chronic health problems, and drug addiction.


The Kansas economy depends on immigrants. Many industries, especially in Southwest Kansas, rely on an immigrant population workforce. Jim and Rosie support the legal presence of all workers.


Jim is pro-life and believes that applies to all stages of life and doesn’t stop at the birth of a child. Jim believes we should support the lives of all people from the beginning of life through childhood, adulthood and the natural end of life.  


Jim and Rosie believe that now is the time to invest in the future of Kansas. He supports lowering sales taxes on food purchases, restoring and rebuilding a functioning Department of Commerce, and bringing financial stability back to Kansas. He believes that former Brownback/Colyer Tax Experiment was bad for the state, and he supported the Legislature’s efforts to create a new economic foundation for the state.


Kansas’ tourism budget is among the lowest in the nation.  Kansas is missing out on tourism jobs, dollars and recognition by neglecting this area.

Jim and Rosie’s 5 Point Tourism Program:

  1. Create an inventory of potential attractions and sites in the state, along with the resources currently being allocated to developing and promoting them.
  2. Work on a regional basis with those in the tourism arena to identify and provide specific assistance tailored to individual activities or sites and designed to produce results. A vigorous marketing program focused on specialized audiences would be a key part of this effort.
  3. Expand current sites and, where beneficial, the connection of certain sites to ones in neighboring states. Examples of this could include the development of Clinton Lake into a U.S. Whitewater National Park and linking the Flint Hills Nature Trail to the Katy Trail in Missouri.
  4. Emphasize international tourism. This would include expanding Heritage Travel, those from countries like Britain or Germany looking to explore our state and see where their ancestors migrated, as well as marketing our open spaces to Japan and other Asian countries who residents do not get to enjoy or see open space on a scale that America offers.
  5. Expand activity and support from state government. This would involve additional funding for the Department of Tourism, Parks and Wildlife, along with providing individualized support for sites like Little Jerusalem in western Kansas, soon to be opened to the public by the Nature Conservancy.

Voter Security

Jim and Rosie believes the ability of each registered person to vote and the integrity of that vote is critical to our democracy. For the last 8 years, the Kansas Secretary of State has used CrossCheck, an expensive 26-state voter identification system which has exposed thousands of Kansans data to potential financial fraud, including identity theft. The program has also generated a significant amount of verifiably false data. Jim believes Kansas should not be spending money on such an unsafe and inaccurate program and instead find better solutions for the state.

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